St. George

We decided to break into summer with a great vacation to one of our favorite places to visit some of our favorite people. We had a blast staying at the Boulter Hotel, and hanging out with them for a week! We love to see Brandon, Nat and the girls Halle and Taya. And we also got to see Ty, Steph, Macky and cute little Sophie. We played and had so much fun in the great weather! We even got to go on Brandon and Nats boat and it ran great! The kids all had a blast playing with Macky and Halle, and Owen and Taya were so fun together.

While we were there we also got the chance to meet up with my dad and Sherry and there adorable little girl Allie, we also got to see my Aunt Shell and her son Bo and my grandparents. It was fun to play and talk with them, and the kids were way excited to see them and play with Allie, and Kelby had tons of fun wrestling with Bo.

Taya and Owen

Grandpa, Morgan, and Allie

Hiking the red rock

Grandma Sherry, Grandpa Scott and Owen

Macky and Kelby

Morgan, Allie, Kelby, Taylor, Owen, and Bo


Becky said...

We love that area. Sound like a great trip!

Natalie said...

We're missing you... and all the fun we have when you're at our place. Ok, I clicked on the red rock pic to see it larger and that's a funny picture. Especially Ty & Steph! LOVE IT!!