It's Fun to be Outside!

We went to Moroni to watch Hannah, Makade, and Mayzie in the Dance Festival at the school which has become a tradition for us. It is so fun to see the different dances every year and we get to see the kids dance and have fun as well. Plus the kids get excited at any chance to see there cousins!


We went to Grandpa B and Grannys house on Sunday and were able to see there beautiful back yard in bloom. We got some great pictures of the flowers and plants and of the kids, and it was fun to visit and have the kids play with them.


Thorpe Family said...

Cute posts!! Those pics were really cool too!!! Where are the pics from morgan's performance? I still need to see that video!

Troy and Mandy said...

Your kids are so adorable! Those are really pretty flowers :)

shara said...

You certainly stay busy don't you??? I just love Arlene's backyard-absolutely picture perfect.