WOW!! I can't believe it is already December, Thanksgiving was great! We went to my moms and spent it with them and my sister and her hubby. It was fun, and I was glad that my hubby was able to be there. Jon did have to work that day but we waited to have dinner until that night so he could join us. We had yummy food and got totally stuffed. And of course we had to go shopping the next morning on Black Friday, yes we are crazy, but we saved a ton for Christmas and love doing it.

Taylor and Kelby had alot of fun participating in the "Reflections" contest this year which the theme was "WOW". Taylor wrote a book and Kelby drew a picture, both were received a recognition award.

Owen is now 4 months old, Crazy how fast they grow! He is rolling over and turns in a circle on his tummy. He loves his big sister Morgan and is always laughing at her, I can always get a good picture with her help and she loves it as well.

Well now that December is here it is time for the Christmas season, yea! We got our tree up the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and since we got our shopping done we are ready for Christmas! Morgan is so excited she can't leave the tree alone, she loves that she has her own ornament and she has to be the one to turn on the lights. And as for me I am excited for the Holiday and even more excited that it has not snowed, even though I know we need.

Taylor is turning eight, wow I can't believe I am going to have an eight year old! Jon is really having a hard time with it. She will be eight on the 8th, which means she is getting Baptized!! Holy Cow! She is way excited to be eight she is able to make more choices and she was so excited cause now she gets to get her ears pierced which we went and did tonight. She was so excited until the time came to have it done then she was just nervous. The lady at the place got everything ready put it to her ear and she was breathing heavy and poof it was done, we had told her it would hurt a little, but not as bad as a shot and she had got her flu shot just recently and did great and she did great with her ears too she just said "ouch!" and that was it. She was so brave, no tears.



The Gray Clan said...

So cute! Iam so glad you updated your blog so we can see what you guys are up to. I cant believe how BIG Owen is now. I know he is older but it is just weird haha!

Natalie said...

Wow ears pierced, how exciting! I remember having to get my dad's approval before I had mine done at age 12. He had to think about it for a couple days. How funny. Cute pictures!